"Click for Help" Button

Pressing button "S" on the communicator will trigger an automatic sending of current location of your child to the two emergency contact numbers and five calls to the numbers until the calls are answered.

Unique function for quick response in emergencies:

  • • GPS continous locating, uploading timely by GPRS.
  • • Surport SMS locating inquiry.
  • • Real-time voice monitoring.
  • • GSM global quad band frequency.
  • • 3 SOS number for remote monitoring and alarm.
  • • Low power alarm function

"Click to Call" Button

  • 1Button 1 - For Mother's Phone Number(Click to Call Mother)
  • 2Button 2 - For Father's Phone Number(Click to Call 'Father)

A must for quick response in emergencies. The Device support calls to emergency contacts only. Avoid Miss dialing & Random Calls. One Click will start the communications in emergencies.

When faced with an emergency situation, please press SOS button for more than three seconds. The device will dial three numbers which have been set already circularly. On the no answer conditions, you can cycle only twice and at the same time upload SOS message to the platform. You can use the platform or send massage: alarm# to lift alarm. Note: before operating call SOS alarm function, please set specific number first.

Realtime Tracking

Track the wearer using GPS and GPRS through mobile app & web and also get alerts about the location. Device also helps be in touch through voice calls.

SOS Communicator

Device has the option of sending alert on emergency situations just by pressing the SOS Button. Device will send SMS to the preset mobile number(Upto 3).

GEO Fencing & Speed

User can set the Safe Zone & speed limit where the wearer can move by using the Geo Fencing Facility. Device will send alert when the wearer crosses the Safe Zone & speed limit.

How to Track?

GPS Tracking

SafeFamily Tracker's location can be tracked using 3 different methods:

  • 1Sending an SMS from your mobile phone to request a "one time" location.
  • 2Using the mobile phone App to track the SafeFamily Tracker
  • 3Using the online platform to track and configure the SafeFamily Tracker.

Tracking Via Website

Long Time Standby

The SafeFamily Tracker is fitted with a built in lithium battery. In GSM mode the Tracker has a standby time of up the 300 hours or about 12 days.

In GPRS mode, sending data every 10 minutes to the the mobile app and on online, the standby time is about 50 hours.

Low Power Alert

When the battery life is less than 10% the MindMe will automatically send a SMS to the emergency contact. 10% of battery life supports about 2 hours of standby time and about 5 minutes of talk time.


Power On/Off and Charging

  • • Hold down the power button for 3 seconds.
  • • A magical tune is played when starting up.
  • • A "progressive build-up" tune is played when shutting down.
  • • When you plug in the charger, the device will shut down without playing a tune, then it will restart, play the magical tune, and start charging.
  • • The light on the charger is red when charging, green when finished.
  • • If you have a tune constantly playing while charging, this is because the device is rebooting over and over. To prevent this, make sure your SIM card is installed while charging.

Light Weight & Easy to Carry

Small Size, Easy to carry around, Weighs merely 27gm.